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La Folia d'Allegria
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The Folia d'Alegria

La Folia d´Allegria was created in 2020 by four friends with a passion for early music who wanted to introduce people to 17th century Ibero-American music, which to this day remains relatively unknown.


Driven​​ Out of a desire to exchange with the public, the musicians of La Folia d'Allegria wanted to remain faithful to the sound of the time by playing ancient instruments. His chamber music training lends itself to intimate concerts thus reproducing the atmosphere of the time.


Although our repertoire is largely made up of Spanish-style pieces (Human Tones, Madrigales, Villancicos, Zarzuelas), it also incorporates works by European composers of the time, such as Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Caccini, Marini, Strozzi, Lully, Montéclair, or including Dowland and Purcell for the English style.


The folia, which means "unbridled fun", is a very playful popular dance that greatly influenced all European music of the time and lasted until the beginning of the 20th century. It will even look familiar to some as it is used in many film productions. Iberian music of the 17th century is characterized by lively and vigorous rhythms that immediately transport its audience to a state of joy.


Sofia Rauss - soprano

Antony Corbiere - baroque lute and guitar

Jordan Gregoris – baroque cello

Arman Grigorian - spruce and harpsichord

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